The following articles/papers provide good information about CAFOs and what happens to neighbors and communities when they move in.

Illinois Department of Agriculture

The first link below will allow you to search to see if an 'intent to construct' has been filed in your county.   Many people do not find out there is a CAFO intending to move in until it is too late to do anything about it.  By checking this link you can find out if one is planned as soon as they file the 'intent to construct'.  The second lets you read transcripts of prior public hearings on livestock management facilities that have held public hearings prior to the Department of Agriculture's decision.  The third is the siting criteria used by the Department of Ag to approve a facility.  The final link is the transcript from the Sandy Creek Lane Public Meeting that was held on 4/17/2014 where many members of Friends of Sandy Creek attended and voiced their concerns.

Friends of Sandy Creek

The following organizations can prove helpful if you are trying to stop a CAFO (Livestock Management Facility) from moving into your community in Illinois.  They can offer advise to community groups.