The proposed facility will be called Sandy Creek Lane, LLC.  It will be located about 3 1/2 miles Northwest of Wenona, 3 1/2 Miles Southwest of Lostant and 5 miles Southeast of Magnolia.  It will be managed by an out of state company called VMC Management, which is located in Iowa.  VMC says that they manage 12 similar facilities in Iowa, but we do not know the names of the facilities they manage, nor can we verify their management quality.

According to the Intent to Construct that VMC filed with the Illinois Department of Ag, the facility will hold up to 7,560 swine over 55 pounds and up to 12,000 swine under 55 pounds.  The maximum capacity for the facility is then 19,560 pigs of various sizes.  This project is called a 5,600 sow farm  and that seems to be a little misleading, there may only be 5,600 sows, but there is also a potential 13,960 other pigs located inside this facility.

The Illinois EPA lists specific criteria when choosing a site for this type of facility.  Sandy Creek Lane does not even meet the EPA's criteria, as it will be built in a valley near surface water.  This site is a poor choice for locating a Livestock Management Facility!!

​The Marshall County Board had voted almost unanimously (11-1) against the hog facility.  On May 23rd they mailed a detailed letter of why they believe the proposed site does not meet the Department of Ag's eight criteria.  Evan's Township, Marshall County and Marshall County Health Department have all voiced their concerns over the proposed facility.  Also, business owners, local organizations and many people from the general public have voiced their concerns and opposition to the proposed facility.  Now the decision is in the hands of the Department of Ag.  

​On June 13, 2014 The Department of Agriculture sent VMC Management a letter stating they have not met the 8 criteria to be approved.  VMC then sent them further information over the next month.  On July 17, 2014 the Department of Agriculture sent VMC Management another letter stating they still have not met the criteria.  A third request for information was sent by the Department of Agriculture on August 20, 2014.  A fourth request for more information on September, 15, 2014 and a 5th request on September 23, 2014.  VMC still is not meeting the specified criteria for the facility. 

Sadly on November 1st 2014 the Department of Agriculture determined that "more likely than not" Sandy Creek Lane hog facility met the 8 required siting criteria.  Members of Friends of Sandy Creek believe these criteria have not been satisfied and continue to fight the decision.

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Friends of Sandy Creek

The Friends of Sandy Creek came together to do everything they can to protect their quality of life and environment around Sandy Creek in Marshall County Illinois.  A proposed CAFO (Hog Factory) is attempting to move in right along the creek.  Residents rightfully fear for their diminished quality of life, health concerns, economic loss and the future of their environment.

This is an ongoing battle to protect our way of life.  This facility has not received approval from the Department of Agriculture yet, and we are working to ensure they do not get approval.  This facility does not fit into the traditional farming and residential community in which it is proposed and we believe it does not meet the 8 criteria that are required to get approval from the Illinois Department of Agriculture.